Name: Daniel Rahamim


(See Linked in above)
Been doing tech since 2005 (Yes I was in High school)
- Robotics
- Theater Tech (This would be in parallel to many of the next few items)
- Part time IT for a small company
- Student TA for the Cisco networking courses at Foothill College
- Intern/Network Systems Engineer (The start of being on-call)
- DevOps Engineer (but this was mostly a Desktop support role)
- Site Reliability Engineer(the Start of cloud experience)
- Infrastructure Engineer (Back to on-prem servers but now a large fleet)
- Site Reliability Engineer again (The true start of my Python Journey)
- CURRENT Lead DevOps Engineer (And the GLORIOUS end of of being on-call)\


  • Bash/Shell
  • Python (preferred)
  • Chef/Puppet (So technically ruby but….)
  • GIT/Github (I’m fairly fluent in working with both)
  • Linux


  • HAM Radio Operator (General/Level 2 in the USA)
  • Camping
  • General Home Repair (But will call in experts and gladly pay for their hard earned knowledge)
  • Starting 3D printing (sooon will have my own)
  • Conventions (Mostly I like giving back to the communities I’m part of and do some volunteering but also just attend)